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Make Estbyani a part of your office to make everything easier. Easily pre-interview applicants, track employee performance and reports, receive feedback from your employees, and many more. Address any underlying issues in the workplace before they arise, and meet the needs of everyone in the office.


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You have ideas for a product or business but you’re not sure if people would love it. Fastest solution? Ask the people! Estbyani is the perfect place for you to know what people need and what they think about your concept!


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Whether you are a student or someone in the field of teaching, Estbyani would contribute alot in solving the problems you face. For students, thesis and research projects can be done faster, and more convenient by sending out surveys. Teachers can then easily conduct exams, quizzes or evaluations for their students, all done online.


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Estbyani is very useful for event organizers to effectively send out invitations to people and to quickly know if they can make it. You can even easily adjust your schedule by knowing the availability and reasons of your target audience!

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